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Even the best product needs an appropriate business model to generate desired returns.

We will provide you with a simple and visual brief on the design of your current business model and some advice on how you may improve it.

The confidentiality of your answers is fully preserved.

Let’s see who supports your offering on the market. We mean here various TYPES of a given market’s value chain actors.

Just as a simplified example, here are the 15 different TYPES of actors in the car industry's value chain:
  • #1 several tiers of parts manufacturers (let’s say 3 for the sake of this example)
  • #4 the final car assembler (like most of the car brands you know)
  • #5 distributor
  • #6 retail shops
  • #7 car repair shops
  • #8 car insurance providers
  • #9 driving schools
  • #10 private clients (drivers)
  • #11 enterprise fleet clients
  • #12 add-on parts & consumables providers (e.g. roof-top baggage box, tyres etc.)
  • #13 gas stations
  • #14 car information providers (magazines, TV programs, car show organizers etc.)
  • #15 car recyclers (yes, that’s scrapping)
Please provide appropriate answers to the 4 questions about the TYPES of actors in your market's value chain.

How many different TYPES of actors are there in your market’s value chain?

For each of your products sold, how many of those TYPES of actors in your value chain gain something?

Of those TYPES that do gain, how many gain more than their direct competitors, due to a sale of your product?

Of those TYPES that do gain, how many gain something without actually buying themselves your product?


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You may also test your market positioning and the ability of your Management Practices to meet the challenge of your company's growth;
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