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Test the ability of your Management Practices to support your company's growth ambition.

We will provide you with a simple and visual brief on your current management practices and some advice on how you may improve it.

The confidentiality of your answers is fully preserved.

What would the employees of your company reply to each of the folowing FOUR aspects of your management style?

Simply tick the appropriate answers below:

ResponsibilityIndividual performance is strongly rewarded
Only the team's success and mistakes count
Individual performance is important along with that of a team

Decision makingTeam decisions are sought, along with certain personal responsabilities
Decisions are personal responsability
Decisions depend on team's adherence

HierarchyThere's no real hierarchy - it's all about teamwork
The manager is close to the team, but there's still a Boss
The hierarchy is strictly enforced

IndependanceOur partners must adopt company culture as a prerequisite to work with us
We don't have partners, as we seek independance
We have external partners, but they're independant from us

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