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Bizneos - innovative business development
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Bizneos = Biz (business) & neo (new).

Professional mountain guides lead their climbers to new summits and superior views...

Acting as “business guides”, we lead our clients to new growth markets with increased profitability by innovative business development.

Out of Europe, we serve clients with ambition for competitiveness, business growth or diversification.

We created Bizneos to help our clients to be different. But being simply different is not enough. We wanted this differentiation to be
  • relevant to the marketplace
  • powerful and profitable
  • simple to understand and practical to implement
The outcome is a combination of highly experienced practitioners and best-in-class proven methods in an integrated package – business innovation services.

We apply our services in three fundamental business innovation fields:
  • user-centric value innovation
  • business model and value chain innovation
  • management practices innovation
Ambition drives everything we do.

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